The acceleration device E-Liner PED LEG is serving to launch the following impactors: upper legform, lower legform and FLEX PLI GTR. Further testing possibilities are:

  • Sensor tests with fire and no-fire impactors
  • Bodyblock tests
  • Head impact tests, optional with the E-Liner PED HEAD module
  • Pendulum tests (optional add-on module)

The E-Liner PED LEG is driven by electro linear motors, which simplifies system operation and test performance. Due to the electric drive, consistent precision can also be reached with a low test speed. The continuous adjustable launch speed from 1 up to 55 km/h is a unique feature, which additionally allows pedestrian sensor tests.

A rebound protection system for the protection of the lower legform impactor and the test system is implemented in the system and the system control. An automatic return guarantees that the impactor mounting unit returns into start position immediately after the launch, so the mounting unit is outside of the rebound area of the impactor. 

Besides buying the test system, FronTone offers the possibility to rent the system.



Your advantages at a glance:

  • Electro linear motors simplify handling and testing
  • No need for preliminary tests and testing matrix
  • Test speeds from 1 up to 55 km/h
  • Rebound protection system or optional catch system for protection of the impactors
  • Automatic return
  • Jerk-free acceleration