E-Liner CAM

Less weight - more performance!

The E-Liner CAM is the world’s first purely electrically driven offboard-camera sled system for crash sleds. Thereby, at least one camera sled is set up parallel to the crash sled and electro linear motors move the sled or the sleds with the cameras on it, according to the real pulse of the crash sled.

The maximal acceleration of the sled is 72g, the maximal speed is limited to 90 km/h.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Vibrations of the sled are not transferred to the camera
  • The high stiffness of the camera sled reduces unfavourable camera movements
  • Improved accessibility of sled and test object
  • Optimal camera positioning due to height adjustment
  • Various perspectives can be achieved by positioning the cameras in an offset way
  • Camera wings are no longer required: low weight of the sled, increased quality of pulse accuracy, higher payload possible
  • Easy handling